Passing Through Sweet Dark Places 
Marie Reichel ft. Magdalena Kreinecker

Wien Museum MUSA
Felderstraße 6-8
A - 1010 Vienna

︎ copyright Marie Reichel, 2019
For the exhibition in the MUSA Startgalerie Marie Reichel invites Magdalena Kreinecker to develop collaboratively a concept for the exhibition space. Their separate approaches to materiality, share a language that forms their individual practices into a hybrid content. The installation interacts with the viewer, there are fragments of a dialogue that initiates a chase. Assemblages of diffuse conditions playfully generate notions of familiarity, skepticism, and fear: comic images seem to lose themselves in recurrent themes and clinch to a distorted reality.
By working with different materials and techniques and combining dream and reality, the artists create a parcours through childhood visuals and subjects of the adult world - Touché, Pussycat -, showdown, hide and seek, chase.

Marie Reichel (2017 Diploma, Brigitte Kowanz)
Magdalena Kreinecker (2018 Diploma, Jan Svenungsson) studied togethter at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. They both live and work in Vienna.

Wien Museum MUSA
Felderstraße 6-8
A - 1010 Vienna

Opening: 17th July 6:30pm
About the Show: Dominique Gromes –independent author, curator, film critic
Duration: 18th July 2019–28th Aug 2019
Opening Hours: Tu–Su 10am–6pm

Artist talk with Matti Bunzl (head of MUSA) and Marie Reichel:
22 th August 2019 at 5pm

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(c) Magdalena Kreinecker, 2023︎