POINTING PAIRS (ongoing series) in Raumblenden - Shutters
group show curated by Walter Seidl
Galerie Rudolf Leeb (Vienna)


Print 017, 2019
Linocut and screen print on paper
printed on dyed tissue paper, laminated on fibre board, handcarved, stained limewood frame
ca. 135 x 95 cm

Print 018 (Parrot Picture), 2019
linocut and screen print on paper
printed on dyed tissue paper, laminated on fibre board, stained and painted wicker, nutwoodframe
ca. 135 x 95 cm

Print 019, 2019
screen print on paper
printed on dyed tissue paper, laminated on painted plywood, steel, polyester twine
135 x 95 cm

Print 022, 2019
Aquatinta Etching
printed on handmade paper, laminated on Alu Dibond
Edition of 4
49 x 69 cm

Fotocredit: Anna Sophia RUßmann

Passing Through Sweet Dark Places
A collaboration with Marie Reichel, 2019


Welcome, Please take off Your Shoes!

timber, fibreboard, plasterboard, metal, PVC string, paper, paint
ca. 4600 x 2500 x 1800 cm

It‘s blowing up!
copper pipe, nutwood, salt dough, digital print on sil paper, paint

Touchee Pussycat
linocut, oil paint on paper laminated on fibre board, acrylic paint, timber
ca. 290 x 370 x 11,5 cm

Fotocredit: Marie Reich

O.T., 2019 

steel sculpture 
ca.  200 x 110 x 74 cm

Fotocredit: Simon Lehner

Schleichende Bewegung, 2017

digital print on backlight paper, screen print on paper, steel handrail plus two equivalent steelframes
ca.  400 x 120 x 50 cm

Of cats and mice (working title), 2019 

Kooshk Residency, Teheran February 2019 Open Studio Day at Deegar Platform

Of Cats and Mice 
lycra, polyester string, bead chain, acrylic paint, ink paint, paper, wood, fabric, wool

coal and wooden stick on ground

Of Cats and Mice (Drawing)
detail of a pen drawing and a copied zine

Hold tight or (saving all my love for you), 2018

digital print on polyamide, plastic foam, lycra, limewood frame
sheperd‘s crook and or steel handrail covered in epoxy resin, polyester string,
bead chain, acrylic ca. 210 x 150 x 15cm

permanent comissioned work for Hotel Das Triest, September 2018

The image consists of installative elements and is based on material found via a google image search on Saint Christopher. He is one of the most important saints and patron of all travellers in the catholic as well as the orthodox church. In christian iconography he is usually shown as a tall figure in a deep red cape, with a sheperd‘s crook carrying infant jesus across the water.

The areas colored red are composed of enlarged low-resolution pictures from the search results digitally printed on polyamide.
The digital collage is based on details of found pictures, vectored drawings and a photograph of a screenprint on japanese paper.

A game of sacral codes arises from the combination of red - purple - phtalo green and fuses together the abstract fragments from the original material. A steel stick has been attached horizontally to the installa- tion and once more represents a hint towards orthodox iconography but could also be a handrail.

Thus the components of the image support each other in their assertion, symbolic meaning and physical appearance.

Fotocredit: Anna Sophia RUßman

Handschmeichler, 2018 

100g unburned porcelain
Edition of 100 

Fotocredit: Anna Sophia RUßman
Copyright Magdalena Kreinecker, 2019 ︎
Kröllgasse 10-12
A-1150 Vienna