Bitte trag’ mich bis nach Hause
Graduate exhibition 2018

Medwedweg 3
A - 1110 Vienna 

Forum für zeitgenössische Kunst

The project‘s major trigger was the particular architecture of a dormitory in the industrial area of Vienna. Bitte trag‘ mich bis nach Hause was installed in a semipublic space scenario - very obviously controlled by certain rules to ensure good cohabitation.

The area in the building used to install the work was separated in four levels. Each was linked by one big step which was further divided by smaller ones. So the architecture at Base11 led to an installation consisting of prints, painting, sculpture and text.

The narrative built in the dormitory ended in the assumption that every piece inside the show is changing its state of aggregation constantly. Within an hierarchic organized society we constantly face a non symmetric balance of power in which neither every thing nor every person are equally visible.

With those rooms of symbolic gestures, colours, different media and techniques I try to create a basis that allows transformation and thinking to make insecurity and uncertainty as a subject of discussion

flickering allure athmospheric space


The body of work Bitte trag‘ mich bis nach Hause is split in four layers or chapters that are named after colours.

Beginning with chapter one, which is about water - water as a resting source - followed by the green layer, that deals with relation and contact. It describes that objects imply direction and response.

The third, orange chapter constitutes itself in a more gaseous state where one has already begun to think within the surrounding space. It is a dense and short chapter ending with the word „sensitivity“. This leads to the assumption that every piece inside the show is changing its state of aggregation constantly.


The last and purple chapter is about resolution:
Pictures travel quickly, air is fighting and we face constant transformation and uncertainty.

︎ copyright Anna Sophia Rußmann, 2018

(c) Magdalena Kreinecker, 2023︎